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DC Drive SSD Drive 590PR-53275020-P00-U4
DC Drive SSD Drive 590PR-53275020-P00-U4 DC Drive SSD Drive 590PR-53275020-P00-U4 DC Drive SSD Drive 590PR-53275020-P00-U4 DC Drive SSD Drive 590PR-53275020-P00-U4 DC Drive SSD Drive 590PR-53275020-P00-U4

DC Drive SSD Drive 590PR-53275020-P00-U4

Product ID : 590PR-53275020-P00-U4
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DC590PR a is newly developed compact DC motor drive with outputs up to 165A. It has state-of-the-art advanced 32-bit control architecture and a range of interface options. Armature voltage feedback is standard without the need for any interface option.

Product Description

DC Drive SSD Drive 590PR-53275020-P00-U4

The DC590PR is a newly developed compact DC motor drive. With its state-of-the-art advanced 32-bit control architecture, the DC590PR drive delivers highly functional and flexible control suited to a whole host of industrial applications. It has a range of interface options which are compatible with the most common feedback devices, enabling simple motor control through to the most sophisticated multi-motor system. Armature voltage feedback is standard without the need for any interface option.

• The best flexibility for application development:
The best flexibility for application development, DC590PR inherits from over 40 years of DC motor application knowledge and motor control experience, simplify the operation by typical application block and offers more flexible program blocks.

• Latest technology & algorithm:
New introduced USB interface offers more friendly connection. With its self-tuning algorithm, the DC590PR can be configured Q/4Q and frame size within minutes.

• 590PR higher performance:
High resolution current feedback (0.06%) supplies more stable control performance. The operator interface allows easy monitoring of machine operation and simplifies maintenance.

Standardize with DC590P the same powerful function block programming software DSElite and the same feedback options and communication fieldbus: Profibus-DP, CANopen, Modbus+, Ethernet and DeviceNet.
• Keep I/O same as DC590P • Input voltage is upto 500V • Provide internal field current • Keep external field current connectors

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 3*110-220VAC
Output Current Rating: 75A
Drive Type: Four Quadrant / Regenerative
Brand: Parker
Product Type: DC Drive
Drive Axis Type: Single Axis Technology
Product Series: DC590PR
Input Voltage: 3*110-220VAC
Continuous Output Current Rating: 75A
Output Power: -
Compatible Motor Type: DC Brushed Servo
Compatible Feedback Device: Armature Voltage
Modes of Control: Four Quadrant / Regenerative
Communication Interface: RS232 / RS485
Ethernet TCP/IP
Link Communications
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40C (frame 2) °C, 32 - 104F (frame 2) °F
Operating Altitude: Up to 500m ASL (derate > 500m)
Overload Rating: 150% for 30s
200% for 10s
(depending on drive output current, refer to manual for details)
Specifications Met: CE (EMC & LVD)
Overvoltage Category III
Pollution Degree II
UL Listed
cUL Listed



The Integrator series is a single family of both AC drives (AC690+) and DC drives (DC590+) that provides the benefits of common programming, set-up and communication across both technologies. The DC590+ Integrator series highly advanced DC drive meets the demands of the most complex motor control applications. Extensive application software (including winder control as standard) together with Function Block Programming and configurable I/O creates a total drive system in a single module.


Options :

• Programmable Keypad 6901

• Technology Box for Communications (Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, LINK, LonWorks, EI Bisynch/RS422/RS485, Modbus RTU)

• Speed Feedback Technology Box (analogue Tachometer, encoder microtach for acrylic F.O., microtach for glass F.O.)

• EMC Filter- Industrial Ambience

• Line Reactors for European and North American markets (UL-CSA)

• Line Inductors for long motor leads

• 598+ and 599+ Stack Controller configuration available for retrofit of existing power stacks


Features & Advantages:

• Extremely simple set-up and programming

• Removable Key Pad

• Extremely Compact

• Motor Thermistor Input


Macro Function Blocks:

• Open-loop winder control

• Winder control - loadcell/dancer

• Section control

• Math functions

• Embedded controller functions



The DC590+ Series DC drives listed on this page meet the following standards when installed in accordance with the relevant product manual:

• EMC Compatibility : CE Marked in accordance with 2004/108/EC (EMC Directive)

• Europe : This product conforms with the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC

• Safety : EN61800-5/2003 (when fitted inside a cubicle)

• North America/Canada : *Complies with the requirements of UL508C and CSA22.2 #14 as an open-type drive (*only applicable to frame sizes 1-4)

• Overvoltage Category : Overvoltage Category III (3-phase supply) / Overvoltage Category II (auxiliary supply)

• Pollution Degree : II (non-conductive pollution, except for temporary condensation) for control electronics



Technical Specifications:

Power Supply:

Three Phase

110-220VAC ± 10 %, 50-60 Hz ± 5%

220-500VAC ± 10 %, 50-60 Hz ± 5%

500-690VAC ± 10 %, 50-60 Hz ± 5%


Output Armature Current Ratings:

15 - 2700A (15 - 165A for DRV Versions)



- for 15 to 270A drives : 150% for 30 sec / 200% for 10 sec

- for drives above 270A : refer to catalog or manual for details



- for 15 to 165A drives : 0-45°C / 32-113°F

- for 180 to 270A drives : 0-35°C / 32-95°F

- for 380 to 2700A drives : 0-40°C / 32-104°F

Up to 500m ASL (derate 1% per 200m up to 5000m maximum)



IP00 / IP20 on frame size 1 (15-35A) drives only [Europe] 

UL Open Type [North America/Canada]


Speed Feedback:

- Armature Voltage Feedback / - Tach Generator / - Encoder / - Optical Fiber Microtach encoder


Analog Inputs:

5 Total : 1 x 12 bit (plus sign), 4 x 10 bit (plus sign)

- 1x Speed Demand Setpoint (-10/0/+10V) / 4x Configurable


Analog Outputs:

3 Total : 10 bit

- 1x Armature Current Output (-10/0/+10V or 0-10V) / 2x Configurable


Digital Inputs:

9 Total : 24VDC (max 15mA)

- 1x Program Stop / 1x Coast Stop / 1x External Stop / 1x Start-Run / 5x Configurable


Digital Outputs:

3 Total : 24VDC / 100mA (short circuit protected)

- 3x Configurable


Reference Supplies:

- 1x- +10VDC / 1x -10VDC / 1x +24VDC


Power Bridge:

590+ - 4 Quadrant Regenerative : Dual Three Phase SCR bridges

591+ - 2 Quadrant Non-Regenerative : Single SCR bridge

Variable Field Control with SCR's


Drive Protection:

- High energy MOV's / - Heatsink overtemperature / - Instantaneous overcurrent

- Thyristor trigger failure / - Inverse time overcurrent / - Interline snubber network

- Field Failure / - Zero speed detection / - Speed feedback failure / - Stall protection

- Motor overtemperature / - Stall protection


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